Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Anyone else need a "do over" today??

This has just been quite the day!  Why does everything fall apart all at the same time?!
A little background--our intercom system in our building (which is older than Moses--seriously . . ) has not been working for, oh, about 6 weeks!  We all have to carry our two way radios with us everywhere we go because that's the only way the office can get in touch with us to give us messages, call for students etc.  Picture it--Johnny forgot his lunch box.  Johnny's mom brings his lunch box to the office for him.  The secretary has to get on the two way radio and tell his teacher to send him to get his lunch box.  And the entire school has to hear the entire conversation.  Now remember that there are 400 students in our building so things like that happen a lot.  Yeah, it's getting old.  They tell us that the system is so old that they are having trouble finding the parts to fix it.  OK, hold on to this info and move forward with me . . .
I am lucky enough to have a SMARTboard.  Not everyone in our building does yet.  I love it.  I use it ALL the time.  Did I mention that I use it ALL the time.  For nearly everything?  ALL the time.  Well, it's been on the fritz off and on all year.  For about 6 weeks, it will occasionally do this strobe light flashing thingy.  Well, the last few days, it's been a near constant flashing.  Psychedelic, baby!  My kids joke that we are having a disco party.  I'm afraid it's going to send us all into seizures . . .  They now tell me the projector needs replaced.  Fabulous.
Today we get to school and they tell us that the Internet is down for the entire district.  Well, there goes my computers that we use for Listen to Reading during Daily 5 time.  There goes being able to print off all the cool stuff I emailed to myself from my blog stalking last night.  There goes, well--everything.
Oh, and did I tell ya that the SMARTboard has now decided to turn itself off about every 10 minutes?  I'm getting good at speed teaching before it crashes!
So, I have my two way radio clipped to my pants pocket, I've pulled out the CD player and headphones for listen to reading, I've sent lunch count and attendance to the office on paper since we have no Internet, and I'm annoyed with the psychedelic randomly shutting off SMARTboard.  So I decide to pull out the chart paper and forget about the lesson we were going to do on the SMARTboard and pull out the chart paper and do it the old fashioned way.  No problem.  I got this!  Wait, I'M OUT OF CHART PAPER!!! 
That's right bloggy friends--no internet, no smartboard, no intercom, NO PAPER!  Ugh, I was ready to pack it in right then and there.  BUT, we muddled through.  I ran for chart paper at my earliest opportunity, the internet came back up, and, well, the SMARTboard and intercom are still yet to be revived, but there's always tomorrow!
And it HAS to be better than today!


  1. That sounds like a rough day :) Poor you! Do you really have an intercom system? We had one when I was in the school as a student but it has been obsolete now for years - we have phones on every corridor (which requires a student runner to some classes) In our public schools there is a phone in every classroom - with an outside line too!!


    1. Yes, we really have an intercom system. Our building was built in three phases. My room is in what we refer to as "the new part." It was built in 1954. The original building is 100 years old this year. My grandparents all went to school in this building!

  2. Ugh! What a day! I hope tomorrow goes better for you!
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  3. yikes!! Better day tomorrow I hope! amy