Friday, June 28, 2013

Five for Friday-Pre-Vacation Edition!

It's Friday again and that means linking up with Doodle Bugs for Five for Friday!  As you read this, I will probably be heading south for a week at the beach!  I can already picture next week's Five for Friday--Beach Edition! Be ready!
1.  Bloglovin'
I know we all sound like broken records this week, but you really can't put it off any longer!  If you haven't already, head over to Bloglovin' to transfer all your blogs.  It's really easy and I actually really like reading my blogs over there.  I love that I can mark them as read or "like" them to make a particular post easier to find later.  There are so many times I'm reading on my iPad, but want to come back to a post when I'm on my laptop to download something, but can't remember what it was!  Now I just "like" it and then go back through my "liked" posts when I'm back to my computer.
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2.  My In-laws' School House
If you follow me on instagram (@alwaysanadventureink), you saw this earlier this week.  My in-laws own this little one room school house.  In the summer, I mow the large yard around it.  I just think it's so cute I wanted to share it with  you all!
3.  High Five Sight Words

I uploaded a new product to my TpT store called High Five Sight words.  You can read about how I use it HERE.  I really just wanted to share this picture again because that's my 9 year old modeling for me.  He walked up to those words like Mr. Big Shot and in his most "this is so lame" voice high fived the hand and shouted "arm" and walked away.  I said, "UM, excuse me Mr. Big Shot, do you need to go back to Kindergarten??"  See the word--it's AM!  He was a little embarrassed, but we all had a good laugh!
4.  Ocean Breeze-Here I Come!
This will be our view for the next week.  Can't wait!
5.  100 Followers Giveaway
There is one more day left to enter my giveaway.  I'm overwhelmed by the response I've had!  Welcome to all my new followers out there.  I hope I don't disappoint you!  If you haven't entered yet, you can find the original post HERE at last week's Five for Friday post!  You won't be sorry that you did--there are a few names I think you might recognize!
Now head on over to Doodle Bugs and link up so I can see what you've all be up to this week!  I'll be reading over them leisurely with my toes in the sand!


  1. Your high five sight words is such a cute idea! I wish that would be my view next week as well, but I have another month to go before I see the beach.

    Sixth Grade Tales

  2. I hope you have a GREAT time on your vacation! I'm a new follower =)

    Teacher at the Wheel

  3. I love your high five sight word set - I just put it in my TpT cart! Have a great vacation!

  4. Your high five set is clever! What a great idea!!!