Thursday, June 27, 2013

Just a few housekeeping things!

I'm linking up today with Tori's Teacher Tips.  With the inevitable demise of Google Reader looming in a few days, she's created a linky for all bloggers to list their bloglovin' account.  Hop on over and you may find some new blogs!  She also has a great tutorial on how to get the blogs you follow transferred to bloglovin'.  It's super easy! If you don't do it before July 1st, all the blogs you follow will be lost. Poof!  GONE!  Run now and do it!
Today is also my day to post over at Teaching Blog Roundup.  I kinda cheated and used a previous post (this girl is packing for vacation, remember?!), but I did add a new product to it! 
Teaching Blog Roundup
Click HERE to head over to TBR to check it out!
And just another reminder to check out my 100 follower giveaway if you haven't already!

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