Sunday, May 19, 2013

Six for Sunday!?!?

OK, OK, I know I'm pretty late linking up with Five for Friday so to make up for my tardiness, I'm throwing in a bonus and making this Six for Sunday!  This weekend was just crazy and this is seriously the first moment my computer has even been on in about 5 days!  That's unheard of for me!
And I should also add that I just discovered that I haven't posted since the last Five for Friday.  End of the year craziness has set in.  4 more days and then summer break!  I can't wait to have more time to blog and create more products for my TpT store!
1.  On Monday, we had our annual picnic in the park.  We are lucky enough to have a park pretty close to our school and each grade level takes a day and spends it there as an end of year celebration!  We ordered pizza for our kiddos this year.  Here is my lovely colleague serving up some pizza!  It was a chilly day, but lots of sun and everyone had a ball!
2. Tuesday was letter T day in our ABC Countdown to Summer.  Everyone brought in Teddy Bears.  When I returned to my room from taking the kids to their special, this is what was on my carpet.  So cute that they left them like this!
3.  For letter V, we had veggie day!  I read them Stone Soup and then we made our own version in the Crockpot.  It's always so fun to see them get excited over the simplest things!  Seriously, dump in some broth and a couple bags of frozen veggies and let them get hot.  You would have thought I made them a gourmet meal!  "Oh, Mrs. Feikert!  This is the best soup we've ever eaten!"  Why, thank you, fine friends!

4.  Another highlight of the week was our Watermelon Hunt for letter W.  We traded watermelons with another Kindergarten class and hid them.  Then we hung up clues around the building so they could find their watermelon.  We ended up on the playground eating watermelon slices!  It was so much fun, but can you believe that I got so caught up in hunting the watermelon and slicing it that I forgot to take pictures??!! 
Insert sad face . . . .
5.  We've been celebrating summer birthdays this month and I am lucky enough to have one student that has a mother who has a small baking business.  He brought in the coolest cupcakes!
And here's my bonus since I was late in linking up . . .
6.  My daughter plays on a Spring League Soccer Team and they finished their season undefeated yesterday!  I just love the girls on this team and they all get along so well.  And they are good, too!  There's a big tournament next weekend so we're looking forward to that and hoping to have some more success!
Now I'm going to head over to Doodle Bugs and check out what everybody else has been up to this week!  See ya there!


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  1. I'm impressed they like Veggie Day! I'm already a follower! I enjoy reading your blog! Happy end of the year!