Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday Smorgasbord-Pay it Forward!

It's Sunday, Sunday Sunday!  Time for me to link up with Michelle at Fabulous in First for a little bit of my randomness! And this post truly is random so be prepared! Be sure to read this one all the way through to the end to see how I'm paying it forward!

Yesterday my husband's cousin hosted a huge chicken BBQ.  It was just a fun summertime day complete with a serious cornhole tournament (yes, that's 4 sets of cornhole boards going at one time!) and a home made slip-n-slide! Fun times!
This little beauty jumped into my cart at Walmart the other day.  I haven't had a chance to even get it out of the box yet, but hopefully later this evening, I'mll be giving it a test run.  Everyone tells me I won't be disappointed!
I've been working on making clip charts with different themes.  My latest one is almost finished and should be up in my TpT store tonight or tomorrow. Here's a sneak peak.  I love the owls!
This weekend, my blogging buddies and I that contribute to Teaching Blog Round Up are hosting a giveaway and a freebie hop to get you through the Dog Days of Summer. You can read about it HERE and download all your freebies from the linky party.  Also, don't forget to head over to TBR to enter the giveaway.  It ends tonight!
And finally, you've made it to the Pay it Forward portion of this post!  Yesterday, I was the lucky winner of a fantastic Instagram giveaway by Stephanie of Primary Possibilities.
Primary Possibilities
We interrupt this post to bring you a Public Service Message: 
 1. If you haven't checked out Instagram, do it NOW.  So much fun goes on over there!
2. If you don't follow Primary Possibilities, do it NOW.  It's a super blog with lots of great information.
OK, back to the regularly scheduled post.  As I was saying, I was the winner of Stephaine's giveaway.  I never win everything so imagine my excitement when I'm scrolling through Instagram, and I see this!
Guys, that's me!  Yay!  Well, when I was downloading my goodies that the sweet Stephanie sent me, I realized that I had already purchased one of them and use it in my classroom every day.  The other day I blogged HERE about her It's Time for Lunch pack and how they make my morning check-in run so much smoother.  These lunch time choices were one of the prizes that I won. 

Since I already have them, and I think they are terrific, I had an idea.  After clearing my plan with Stephanie (she thought it was a FAB idea!), I'm going to Pay it Forward by giving away this set to one of my fabulous followers!  That's right, you could win this!  All you have to do is leave a comment along with your email on this post and at noon tomorrow, I will have my kids draw a number.  If it's you, I'll send it to you!  Fun, huh?!  I'm so excited that I can turn my prizes into a prize for someone else!

Whew!  I hope you stuck with me for all of that! 
  Don't forget to check out Michelle at Fabulous in First to see everyone else's Smorgasbord of randomness!


  1. This packet would be great for teaching about the different types of food, healthy and unhealthy foods and choosing a balanced menu. I would love to have this packet.

  2. What a great idea to use in the classroom. As a beginning teacher, I would love to have my hands on this.

  3. That's so cool, and super sweet of you. I have won some things for higher grade levels and share them with another teacher--I guess that's ok (I haven't gone to the blogger and asked). But I always make sure they know it's ONE classroom license. I love to spread good works with my upper grade peeps :) Thanks for the opportunity and congrats on winning! It is always a pleasure to see your own name in black and white!!

  4. Well congratulations! Its super sweet of you to share. Enjoy all your other fun winnings!
    Amy The Teacher Next Door

  5. What an awesome thing to do!! I've been working on doing something different for my lunch choices and this looks perfect!

    1. Jen--you're the winner! Check your inbox!

  6. Great way to pay it forward.

  7. Thanks for intorducing me to this linky! Don't forget, you'll be featured on my blog this Tuesday!
    :) Dana
    Common to the Core

  8. These pictures are wonderful. Primary students do so much better w/ pictures & so many pictures are included. Thanks for paying it forward!

  9. Good Karma, girlfriend! It's so nice of you to pay it forward!

  10. I just started following you on Instagram. Congratulations on winning on Instagram.

  11. Thanks for commenting! My son picked number 5 which was Jen!