Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Workin' It Wednesday Wisdom--and a FREEBIE!

How's that for combining two linky parties in one post?!

Today I'm linking up with Primary Possibilities for Wednesday Wisdom AND Surfin' Through Second for her last Workin' It Wednesday <sniff, sniff>

First up, a little bit about some of the procedures I use in my classroom that keep things running smoothly. 

1.  Get one of these--NOW!
I bought one last year to use as my Daily 5 signal and I love it.  I use it to signal the end of EVERYTHING!  The kids hear it and they immediately stop what they are doing, clean up, and return to our carpet area.  I can make it be as loud or as soft as I want depending on how hard I hit it against my table. (Funny story--when I was working as a reading interventionist, I once saw a sub whack one on the table so hard it broke! Really??!!). It's small so I can easily take it to where I'm going to be working.  I love that I can bring everything to a stop with a quick, simple <ding>!  I bought mine from THIS WEBSITE.

2.  My kids often have free choice as they arrive in the morning until after announcements.  I have the choices on the smartboard along with their names and they just move their name into the box for the activity they wish to go to.  When it's time to clean up and get started, I play this video on the Smartboard.  It counts down at the end so the object is for everyone to be cleaned up and on the carpet ready to go before the video is over.  They LOVE it! 

3.  I use this awesome product for my lunch count and attendance in the morning. 

It just happens to be from Mrs. VanMeter at Primary Possibilities and she just happened to blog about it today, too.  Also, it just happens to be on sale today because of that.  Honest--I didn't know she was going to blog about it and she didn't know I was going to blog about it!  Great  minds think alike I guess!
You can find it HERE.  I put the lunch choices for the day in a pocket chart and they each put their name under their choice.  This way I can take lunch count and attendance all at once because if the name card is still laying out, they must be absent--that is, if the name card is still laying out after I've asked 5 times for them to be sure they've chosen their lunch!  I use these for my name cards. I have several different backgrounds that I use throughout the year.  I'm making these FREE in my store today.  They are editable so you can type names right into them!  I wish I had a picture of my lunch/attendance pocket chart, but I don't.  Boo.
Click HERE to get these for FREE today.
And now, my Workin' It Wednesday
I've been doing really good with my workouts right up until we went on vacation last week.  I haven't worked out since we've been home and I can already tell.  Why does it take so long to get results, but they go away so quickly???  I will get back with it TODAY!  I've been reading a lot about many of you doing "challenges" and I'm ready to jump in.  I'm going to start with a sexy leg challenge.
Sexy Leg Challenge
100 jumping jacks??  Yikes.  I'll let you know how that goes.

Don't forget to check out Primary Possibilities and Surfin' Through Second!


  1. That lunch chart looks so cute! So much cuteness, so little time!
    Wow, that is an intense workout! Now I feel guilty, I may have to do 100 jumping jacks too, along with my 100 squats! Mahalo for linking up, so glad it was inspiring for you. Good luck with your workouts :)

    Corinna (✿◠‿◠)
    Surfin' Through Second

  2. Hi! You have won my Johnny Appleseed Craftivity! Please e-mail me at so I can send it to ya. =)


  3. I just watched the clean up robot video and cracked up! I can just see some of the kids bustin' a move during that! I like your idea of doing free choice when kids come in. I'm sure it helps wake the kids up and puts them in a good mood for school. What kind of activities do your kids do?

    -Amanda @
    Teacher at the Wheel

  4. Hi! I found your cute little blog through the Primary Possbilities link up! I also have a magic wand that I bought for Daily 5. I ended up using mine to signal for everything and it was such a pleasant noise.. rather than my voice or a beeping noise. I have seriously been contemplating getting another.. sometimes it was across my room (I have a large room) and I needed to signal. I do love my magic wand!!

    That's So Second Grade!

  5. Thanks for linking up!! I love your magic wand!! I'm also glad you find the lunch choices helpful!! Now off to find a magic wand!! :)

  6. So happy to find you! First of all we have the same web designer. Good taste!! I teach kindergarten too and love all your ideas. Congratulations on your award.
    Kindergarten Milestones

  7. I'm going to have to try the Clean Up Robot! song. I know the kids will love it. Thanks for the link!