Saturday, August 17, 2013

Five for Friday B2S edition!


I'm linking up--yes, on Saturday--with Doodle Bugs Teaching for the weekly Five for Friday party!  I've had two days of Professional Development this week and one more on Monday.  Then--drumroll--the kids come on Tuesday!  My week has been comprised of all things back to school prep!


1.  I've been prepping some new TpT purchases for the year.  My colleagues and I are all going to use Deanna and Deedee's Writing Units this year.  I can't wait to get started with them!  I have Unit One all printed and organized in a binder.  We probably won't start this for a couple weeks, but I'm ready! 

I've also been working on these Shout Outs by Teacher to the Core.
Eww--didn't realize the picture was so bad until just now!  Yikes.  I have these printed and organized as well.  I just need to run copies of the notes and have them ready to hand out to kiddos who deserve a shout out!  I'm really excited to use them. 
And there are about 3 things still on my list to prep, but I'm afraid they might not get done before school starts.  I'm only one woman!  Ha!
2.  I got a new glue gun.  That's probably only exciting in the teacher blogging world, right!?  I can't find my old one anywhere.  I guess when I organized at the end of the year, I organized so well that I can't find it!  I'm sure when I go in later today, it will magically appear since I bought a new one.  I'm rather excited about the 2 temps and the cordless-ness of the new one!

3.  In between all the back to school prep, our garden has gone wild.  Will someone please tell it that everything can not be ready right before school starts?  In the last week, I've frozen 12 dozen ears of corn and canned 10 quarts of green beans!  Thank heavens for a helpful and willing husband and not so willing children who snapped beans and husked corn!

4.  I rearranged my shelves and my classroom library a bit.  I'm very excited about the new layout of my room.  It seems much more open and makes the room seem bigger.  I had a serious bottleneck going on in my Smartboard area last year so I'm trying to avoid that!  These aren't the best pictures to show that, but it's what I have right now!
5.  And, finally, you may or may not have heard that there's a little sale going on over at TpT tomorrow and Monday!
I need to head over there and make sure my feeback is all up to date so I have lots of credits to use!  My wishlist is LOOOONNNNGGG!  Tops on my list are these two products!
Photo: It's ready!! The first word work pack of the year! and YES! there will be one every month :) I am super excited about this! I know there isn't one for August, but you can definitely use this September pack right away!! and it will last you through September too! (link in the comments)
September Word Work by Caitlin Clabby at Kindergarten Smiles
Duck Dynasty Clip Art by Melonheadz 
I have no idea what I'm going to make with it, but I MUST have it!
What's on your wishlist??
Don't forget to head over to Doodle Bugs to see what everyone else has been up to this week!  Now, I'm off to work in my classroom.  Exciting Saturday for me!

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  1. The DD is too funny. I saw a post of fb about the Robertson clan before the beards. Interesting. Have fun in your classroom!