Saturday, August 24, 2013

Five for Friday--First Week Back!

Well, you can tell I'm back to school because my Five for Friday post is coming at you on Saturday morning!
Tuesday was our first day of school with students.  In our district we do a Kindergarten phase-in so I had a third of my class on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and then they ALL arrived full of energy and ready to go Friday morning!  See, why I didn't get this post up last night??  Yep, totally wiped out when I got home from school.  Plus, we don't have A/C in our building and of course Mother Nature decides that its time for the temps to rise into the high 80s when school starts.  We've had an unseasonably cool summer--UNTIL NOW!  Figures . . . 
Luckily, we had dinner plans with my husband's coworkers at a new (to us) restaurant last night so I had a chance to unwind and be an adult again!  It was nice not to think about school for a whole evening!  I'll be spending much of this weekend working on plans and activities for next week.  5 whole days with those kiddos!! Yikes!
Anyway, here's my week . . .  .
I love to just look at this picture.  This was taken Tuesday just before the first group arrived.  Ahhh.  So peaceful and everything in it's spot.  It will never look this way again until next August!  I like to call this one "The Calm Before the Storm."

I took advantage of a great offer from Tongass Teacher during the big TpT Back to School sale.  She draws custom minis and they are adorable!  I have been wanting one, so when she discounted them for the sale AND threw in a few clip art sets for free, I jumped on it!  Aren't I cute??  That's me in my favorite Ohio State jersey!  GO BUCKS!  It's football season in Ohio, baby!  If you're in the market for a "mini me"  head to her store and check them out.  She does great work!  I literally had this cutie in my inbox within 12 hours of sending her my picture!
Obligatory "first day" pictures of my own kids.  How in the world did they get to be a 7th grader and 4th grader??  Weren't they just in preschool last year?  Time flies . . .
This is definitely my favorite picture of the week.  These girls just got right down to it on their first day and played like they'd known each other forever.  I just stood back and listened and smiled from ear to ear at their conversation and interaction.  At that moment, I knew it would be a great year!  It was such a sweet scene . . .
And let me leave you with this one . . .
Remember how neat and tidy that first picture was?  Well this is what I was looking at by the end of the day Friday.  I actually think I had cleaned it up a little during my planning time, too, so it was much worse!  And see that cute little monster paper with the dots on it?  We did that glue practice sheet from Kindergarten Smiles and they are so cute!  However, in all the craziness of breaking out the glitter on the first full day with all of them, I forgot to take a picture.  Boo.  I have another one planned for Monday so maybe I can remember to take pictures then!
There you have it--a quick glimpse into my first week back.  Head on over to Doodle Bugs Teaching to see what everyone else was up to this week, too!

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